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 Woodless Colour Pencils
    12 Woodless Colour Pencils
    Solid Lead down to the Core

Draw, color and create in beautiful, long lasting bold colors with Color Core Colored Pencils. Color Core Pencils are amazing colored pencils that have absolutely no wood; that’s because they are made entirely out of colored pencil lead. And the bonus is that with less wood means more colored lead; 4 to 5 times more lead than the average colored pencil! You won’t be needing pencils anytime soon since these pencils last a very long time. Color Cores come in a set of 12 colors with pre-sharpened leads that are super sturdy; you can even feel that it’s made from solid color lead because they’re heavier than the average colored pencil. Your Color Cores come in a reusable tin case too.
    Solid Barrel Colored Pencils
    Wood Free
    Set of 12 Colors
    Long Lasting
    Reusable Tin Case
    Does Not Contain Harmful LeadDetailed Writing and Drawing