Schleich Bayala - all 3 Picki, Nitaya & Mita

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Schleich Bayala Nitaya, Picki & Mita
you will recive 3 pieces as advertised
SC70498 Nitaya: The great rainbow river is full of colourful fish. Nitaya is one of them, but a very special one. It is very popular among all the river dwellers, because it is very entertaining and likes to talk about its adventures. Many of its stories are scarcely believable, but even if it sometimes makes things up a little, everyone still likes to listen to it.
SC70497 Picki: With its bright feathers Picki is one of the most beautiful birds on the rainbow island. It enchants all its listeners with its beautiful song. All the forest dwellers always listen carefully to its melodies, especially in the morning. Picki likes to join in whenever the rainbow elves make music and sing. That is then for everyone the most beautiful music to be heard in the forest.
SC70496 Mita: The rainbow foal Mita shines bright yellow and as a result is something very special. Mita is of a sunny disposition and likes to play catch with the other foals. She likes to be stroked and has already made friends with an elf girl. When Mita is a little bigger, her elf friend will definitely be able to ride her. They can then explore the whole world together.