Nat & Jules Marcel Monkey Jungle Grey 36 x 24 Polyester Throw Blanket Pillow set

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Nat & Jules Marcel Monkey Jungle Grey 36 x 24 PolyesterThrow Blanket Pillow Set
Marcell Monkey Blanket and Pillow Set is a monkey face pillow with blue with white dots blanket that can be stored in a pocket on the back of the pillow. Contains super soft, luxurious fabrics.
Blanket Set is made of polyester and velcro. Adorable monkey charms baby with subtle gender-specific accents.
Blanket measures approximately 36 x 24 inches; pillow measures approximately 10.5 x 9.5 x 5 inches. Pillow contains a handle to easily carry.
Stays closed with a Velcro closure. Perfect for a toddler's bed.
By Luxurious Baby Collection. Ships in protective packaging.