Dolls Pram Cane White Nicola Large Wicker Toy Comes With Folding Hood & 2 Handle

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Nicola P482C-001
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This beautiful play pram has become a classic play pram for girls.
It features a fold down hood and double woven wicker for extra safety and is sturdy and durable.
The package includes 2 handles of different lengths which can be interchanged very easily to allow different age girls to play and to allow for growth.
The pram sits on a strong steel undercarriage and the easily clipped on wheels can withstand very robust play.
The pram comes with a fabric frill/ruffle and a pillow and mattress set.

Product Dimensions:
-Includes second handle
-Large handle height 63cms
-Basket length 56cms
-Basket Width 33cms
-Wheel Diameter 22cms
-Suit Doll 50cms