Djeco Modern Doll House Furniture Set - The Living Room

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You are Purchasing 1x Djeco Modern Doll House Furniture- The Linving Room   Set

This is the stylish Djeco doll house Orange Living Room furniture and accessories set for our amazing, luxurious and modern Djeco doll houses. Use it in either the Cubic House or the Colour House, or in an existing dollhouse you already own.

The Living Room doll house furniture set includes an orangey-yellow velvet couch, two teal blue cushions, a soft faux hide rug, a velvet teal blue ottoman, two coffee table books and a standing lamp with lampshade.

Djeco toys are designed in France and are carefully crafted from wood to be of the most beautiful quality.

4 years and above (all the way to adult!)

Sized to fit our beautiful Djeco dollhouses (Cubic House: 48.5cm x 32.5cm x 31cm; pitched roof Colour House: 40cm x 40cm x 39cm)

Djeco modern doll house furniture is made from various materials, including wood, velvet, cloth and molded plastic