Adora Doll Toddletime 20" Baby Honey bunch

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You are Purchasing 1x 20" TODDLETIME BABY-HONEY BUNCH

Honey Bunch

• Size: 20”
• Dark Brown Hair/Brown Eyes
• Hand-painted faces
• Hand applied eyelashes
• Hand-sewn premium quality fashions
• Weighted bodies made to feel just like a real baby
• Fresh baby powder scent
• For ages 6+
Item Number: 20016006
Oh Honey! Honey Bunch is just a bundle of cuteness and love! There is no way to resist this positively precious little love. Her honey brown eyes complement her dark chocolate hair so perfectly to enhance her classic look. Honey Bunch ha a classic look with her high-wasted aqua blue and green dress. The touch of honey brown in her bow really brings out the beauty in her eyes! Perfect for kids age 6+