New Trash Pack - Trash Wheels - Muck Mover Out New Kids Toy LAST ONE

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Trash Pack - Trash Wheels - Muck Mover Out
A brand new Trash Packs range, have a 'wheely' gross time racing these Trash Wheels vehicles around the garbage yard!
There are over 83 cars to collect in the form of 6 Grusome teams:
the Muck Trucks, Litter Buggies, Skid Marks, Army Junk, Take Aways and Rust Busters!
The trailer can hold up to 8 Trash Wheels vehicles and comes with hit, launch and unload features!
Each  Trash Wheels Muck Mover truck pack contains: 1 x Muck Mover truck, 1 x  exclusive Trash Wheels vehicle and 1 x Instruction bookle