Star Wars Command Arena Assault Set

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You are Purchasing 1x Star Wars Command Arena Assault Set

Create battles and destroy armies with the Command sets! This Arena Assault set includes a force of 4 Jedi figures and an exclusive Mace Windu figure to lead them into battle. Will they prevail against the exclsive Jango Fett and his 4 Battle Droids? The AT-TE vehicle will destroy opposing warriors as the Republic Gunship vehicle attacks from above! Take charge and command your own Clone Wars battles!

Includes Mace Windu (Exclusive), Jango Fett (Exclusive), 4 Jedi, 3 Battle Droids, 1 Super Battle Droid, AT-TE, Republic Gunship, 1 vehicle stand, and 1 vehicle base. Arena Assault set includes 12 Star Wars figures and vehicles 4 Jedi figures and 4 Battle Droid figures Exclusive Jango Fett and Mace Windu figures

Includes vehicle stand and base for the included AT-TE and Republic Gunship vehicles

Ages 4 and up