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Magnetic Reward Star Chart for kids Encourage & Praise Good Behaviour

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Buddy & Barney | Magnetic Reward Star Chart for kids Encourage & Praise Good Behaviour
 EXTRA LARGE REWARD CHART - Help to encourage good behaviour in your child with stars and ultimately rewards of your/their choosing. Size: 40 x 32cm
 ENCOURAGE POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR - Not the bad! Use this reward chart to focus on the POSITIVE, instead of the negatives.
EASY-TO-USE - comes with 15 chores/tasks magnets, as well as 3 blanks to create your own.
PERFECT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! There are 4 different coloured stars so the chart can be used by up to 4 children (and adults!) simultaneously.
 COMES WITH DRY-ERASE PEN and ready to hang by the rope at the top.
Buddy & Barney's REWARD CHART is an essential item in the parenting toolbox! A reward chart is used to promote and encourage good behaviour by emphasising a child’s good behaviour instead of focusing on the bad behaviour. Studies have shown that praising good behaviour is far more effective than reprimanding children for the bad. This extra large reward chart serves as a visual reminder for the child to work hard for their stars, and ultimately their reward of your/their choosing. There are different coloured stars so you can use the reward chart for up to 4 children. There are 5 different chores and activities magnets to choose from, as well as 3 blank magnets for you to create your own chores/tasks. There is a black dry-erase pen included with the chart, which can be clipped onto the chart to keep it handy. Dimensions: 6 x 2.5" / 40 x 32cm Comes complete with rope for hanging onto a wall.