Genuine Gund Sleepy Time Bear, 15" So much fun with this Interactive Bear

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Gund Sleepy Time Bear, 15"
 Interactive Bear
At the push of a button, this product plays soothing sounds for five minutes before shutting off automatically while a cute plush sheep glows softly from within. Features soft, huggable plush and a striped pajama cap for cutesy charm.
    Gund "Sleepy Time Bearâ„¢" plush toy.
   Plays soothing music for five minutes to help baby sleep.
   Sheep glows with soft light.
   Light stays cool to the touch and doesn't heat with use.
   Automatically shuts off after five minutes.
   Soothing sounds include: ocean waves, bubbling water and spa-like music.
   Three AA batteries included.
   Appropriate for all ages.
   7"W x 8"D x 15"T.