EverEarth Drawing Tablet Kids Pretend Play Eco-Friendly

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Sustainability, by definition, is to maintain something at a specific level or quality for a period of time.

UK-based company, EverEarth has sustained a high-quality of children’s toys over the years, while creating sustainable, eco-friendly toys, which are both fun with a smaller environmental footprint.

EverEarth truly care about your little ones.

They make toys which will entertain your children for hours, while ensuring that the Earth is as beautiful in the future as it is now. They do this by using materials like recycled corrugate, bamboo and water-based paint, along with eco-friendly factory practices.

The Educational Drawing Tablet by Everearth is a fabulous drawing board for little learners. It is double-sided with blackboard and magnetic whiteboard for creative fun. The board sits in a stand and is ideal for drawing and writing for kids of all ages. Framed with wood, this drawing tablet comes with eraser and two magnet figures.


Dimension 28.5x5.5x22cm
Recommended Age 2-3 years, 4-5 years, 6-7 years
Gender Neutral
Encourages Creative, Learning, Skill Building