Charlie Bear Collection - Bobble fully jointed

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Charlie Bear Polka Dot Dalmatian Minimo is a fully-jointed miniature mohair dog from the Charlie Bears 2016 Minimo Collection.
Limited Edition of 1200
Cub Height: 20cm/8"
Polka dot, our new puppy dalmatian loves playing inthe garden and can often been seen burying bones.There is one though that she carries with her just incase she feels a bit peckish. She is fully jointed andcan stand or sit (as she has now passed her puppytraining classes) and has been made using a softwhite mohair that has also had black spots addedto it. The mohair we have used, because of theselovely spots, will be random so you will be able tochoose your own puppy as all will be unique.
Height: 20 cm