Charlie Bear 2017 Collection - Woodland fully jointed

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Charlie Bear Collectable
Woodland - CB176015 - 2017
  Height: 31cm/12” :)
Made from: Plush
Fully Jointed (movable)
Hand Was Cool with Care
Bear family:   Annabelle, Glade
Age 3+
Woodland is one of six of the new bunnies and hares that we have created for this brand new collection. He is fully jointed with long limbs giving him a rather slender feel when held. His cuddle soft plush feels unbelievable when touched and his poseable ears really add to this charming character. His coat is a blend of many different browns, he has glossy eyes and a small but perfectly formed handstitched nose. He does not like too much fuss so a simple ribbon has been used as his accessory