Charlie Bear 2017 Collection - TRUFFLES fully jointed NEW

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You are Purchasing 1x Charlie Bear Truffles

You are Purchasing 1x Charlie Bear Truffles

A stunning pig from the 2017 Charlie Bears Plush Collection. This bear is made from gorgeous plush, is 5 way jointed and perfect for hugs. A real cutie!

Charlie Bears' Description: Truffles, our new little micro piglet is fully jointed and has been created using a short piled plush material in soft pale shades of white and pink, muddy puddle spots have been added into her design using a darker plush. Her face details include sculptured chubby cheeks and hand stitched nostrils. We have given her trotters, not paws, a short knotted tail and oversized squeezable ears. She has an additional shock of white plush which has been added to the top of her tiny head and a sheer ribbon as her accessory.


Measures approximately 33cm / 13 inches - Approximately our Medium Collectable Teddy Bear Size.

Features  Glass Eyes
Airbrushed Accents
Hand-Stitched Nose
Jointing  Number of Joints : 5