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Ginny is a fully jointed handmade plush panda teddy bear from Charlie Bears
The look of this panda bear is very gentle and soft. But it does not prepare you for the softness of the plush when you touch it. Powder soft grey plush has been used for this panda bear's legs, arms, ears, collar and as teardrops around her eyes.  White plush which is just as soft as the grey plush. The white has been used on the panda bear's tummy and head.
The dark glass like eyes do have some backing so as to give that look. They peer over a cute triangular grey hand stitched nose.  The snout is longer than most other panda bears. Long grey stitches help to define the mouth.
The paw pads are in a pale grey suede like material.  The pads for the feet are flat. There is a hint of a darker grey airbrushing for the toes. But the paws for the hands have been sculpted as well as airbrushed. Long grey stitches help to define the toes.
Ginny has a cute little floral pendant on a double cord. It has been sewn on to stop her from losing it.
Ginny was designed by Isabelle Lee exclusively for Charlie Bears. She is made with 100% plush. Polyester fibre and polypropylene pellets were used to fill her. She can be hand washed in cool water.
The dimensions of Ginny in centimetres are 27 x 19 x 9.5.